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For the limitations of domestic small animal carcasses crusher, guangdong rhett environmental protection equipment technology co., LTD. According to the national conditions, shear crusher on the basis of the introduction of European technology to improve r&d manufacturing large animal carcasses crusher.

In animal body organization is more complex, hard and brittle bones, by extrusion, the impact can be broken, and its fur, muscle, muscle groups such as well, extrusion and impact of a general shaft winding problem happens. The animal carcass crusher, developed by srider, USES a unique tool design, which is suitable for the tenacity of animal carcasses, and also sets the winding device inside the crusher. Prevent motor damage.




Animal carcasses refer to the complete or partial body of a dead animal, including the animal's internal organs and its discarded meat. In a broad sense, animal carcasses should include the complete or partial body of all dead animals, not only for breeding animals, special breed animals, but also wild animals, and even various insects.

Due to the small size of all kinds of animal carcasses, it is caused by the large volume in the process of harmless treatment, which causes the problem of slow processing efficiency. So we need to do a front line treatment before the animal carcasses are disposed of. Eliminate space, texture and efficiency. If the size is reduced manually, it will be transmitted to the human body, which is recommended to be used for crusher, which will not contaminate the human body and be efficient in crushing size.



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